34th Annual TubaMeister Christmas–2012

The TubaMeisters’ annual concert of the Christmas season took place once again at the Arneson River Theater, and was conducted by Lee Hipp, of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra.  With 156 participants, the concert was one of the largest concerts of this type, ever performed in San Antonio.  In addition to the usual Christmas tunes performed by the mass ensemble, the TubaMeisters with their usual flair, performed three tunes of their own, which included vocals(for the first time at a TM Christmas) by lead euphonium/vocalist, Ezra Johnson.  Since the TubaMeisters usually perform a lot of polkas, the set included the Merry Christmas Polka.

As in the past three years, the TubaMeisters performed a few tunes earlier that morning, on the Bill Rohde Show, on WOAI-1200, beginning the day quite early, at the 7:00 o’clock hour.  Many thanks to Bill and his co-host, David Rodriguez.  Hopefully, the Christmas spirit is alive and well, early in the morning, with an assist by the TubaMeisters.

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